Month: February 2016

Feb 2016

Intramezzo Talent Capital Report – for venture capitalist & corporate venture capitalist investors

What are the key talent issues facing the investment community today? Through our work with both venture capitalist and corporate venture capitalist investors, we know..

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Feb 2016

Why talent capital should have equal billing to investment capital

It is difficult to argue that the tech start-up culture in the UK is truly blooming. Discussion around Silicon Roundabout, the Northern Powerhouse and innovation..

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Intramezzo  Report – A board fit for purpose.

Can your leadership team help you reach the next milestone?

It is undeniable that the global tech industry is booming, with investment continuing to flow into disruptive start-ups around the world.

But, to produce a true tech giant, investment is not the only critical factor. Businesses also need world-class leaders to guide them through hyper-growth and give them every opportunity to become the tech unicorns of tomorrow.

In light of this, we have drawn upon our latest research to create an e-Book, explaining how, and why, start-ups can leverage their executive teams in order to grow their business.

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