Marshall Aerospace


Interim Transformation Manager – Group-wide change project

Marshall Aerospace (MA) is one of Europe’s leading privately-owned aerospace companies. When Major Projects, a key part of their business, experienced challenges around the processes and governance needed to deliver their projects the MA Board realised they needed a seasoned transformation manager to upgrade and ‘future proof’ the working practices.

With over 80 years in the aerospace industry, MA operates in a technically demanding and competitive market, providing bespoke innovative design and installation solutions to both military and civilian customers. Maintenance services are also provided to national air forces across Western Europe and South Africa, as well as the RAF.

Major Projects is a significant part of the MA business delivering innovative yet complex design and install projects. The MA board recognised that improvements were needed in both business processes and monitoring delivery. Their objectives were to increase profit levels, improve customer satisfaction and reduce senior management involvement in the projects.

What we did

Intramezzo were tasked with finding an experienced interim who could conduct an in-depth review of the entire project management and governance structure of the Major Projects operation.

Danny’s analysis showed that Marshall Aerospace could save £1.4million per year

The complexity of the remit required someone with broad-ranging skills who could build and deliver a plan to address both strategic business issues and operational problems.

MA selected Danny Burke for his impressive track record in delivering solutions in complex technical environments within the nuclear, utilities, pharmaceutical, and defence research sectors.

What Danny did

Initially, Danny worked closely with the engineering and production directors to scope and establish a governance structure. Having formed a core team and steering group, he then worked with directors and senior managers to carry out an in-depth review of all aspects of Major Projects. Within two weeks Danny produced his first recommendations for implementation, followed quickly with the delivery of an in-depth report identifying four areas where improvements could be made. Danny’s analysis showed that, by adopting these measures, MA would save £1.4million per year.

However, Danny’s report went further than this by highlighting significant challenges beyond the parameters of Major Projects. As a result, MA’s CEO and board broadened his remit into an integrated transformation strategy covering:

  • performance, culture and behaviour
  • accountability – metrics and KPIs
  • resource planning and management
  • end-to-end process for Major Projects
  • project management, governance and bids skills and training

Danny also ensured MA’s broader workforce were engaged with the process, which was recognised as critical in delivering successful outcomes and the strategy over all.


“Danny very quickly established himself as a key member of the Management Team which was key to getting early buy-in to change.”

Martin Broadhurst, CEO


The results

By effectively driving change across the organisation, Danny significantly improved the way the work of the Major Projects team was delivered. At the completion of his brief, there was a robust governance process in place including an internal appointment to a new Head of Transformation role.

In addition, Danny’s changes resulted in both significant financial benefit from an early stage and positive customer reactions. Major Projects now has strong foundations on which to continue to build their expertise.


“Danny’s sage advice, vast amount of experience and ‘can do’ attitude have helped us to lay some very strong foundations on which we will continue to build our expertise right across all areas of our business. It has been a tough 12 months trying to change 80 years of doing it ‘our way’ but Danny’s tenacity and determination to drive change through our business has set us up well for the future – it is now up to us! He will be missed – a true professional interim!”

Keith Hussey, Head of HR and key member of the steering group