CEO achieves build to exit in less than 3 years

Intramezzo Appointed CEO Achieves Build to Exit in Less than 3 years


Our client, a highly successful and technically led company, addressed a lucrative vertical market in the professional services sector.  The CTO and founder had a number of challenges, given that the business was outgrowing the existing management capability, and his focus was required on technical development.

Despite the impressive achievement of the business, the gap in senior management expertise meant that big decisions were not being effectively executed to achieve the best outcome.  This was compounded by the rapid growth of the company. The international market was wide open but it needed more executive bandwidth to drive this growth.  An exit would be ideal, but there was no experience of what a good exit looked like or knowledge of how to build a market for exit.

What we did

Intramezzo’s remit was to find a CEO who could drive international expansion and lead the business into the next phase of growth, to achieve an exit within 3-5 years.  Experience in managing the challenges associated with high-growth technology ventures was essential.  As was a track record in building high-performing international sales teams addressing the professional services sector.  The CEO would also need to have been involved in preparing at least one company for a successful exit. Because of the critical nature of this appointment and the founder-led venture, personal fit was elevated as a key criterion during the search and all short-listed candidates were psychometrically assessed.

The candidate selected from our short-list built a definitive plan for exit which led to a substantial increase in the value of the company by driving the development of international markets.

The Outcome

Less than 3 years from the CEO’s appointment, an exit was accomplished, at an estimated £50m+.

This type of exit related search is a hallmark of Intramezzo’s, where we have built a reputation for identifying and engaging with the hard to find candidates who can realise shareholder and stakeholder value for our clients.


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